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The INCCA Cafés are an opportunity for INCCA members to gather and discuss themes and issues of interest, as well as present projects they are working on to their peers. They are grassroot driven, loosely moderated forums for members to share and exchange information and experiences. INCCA cafés will be hosted online via Zoom and will have a duration of approximately 60 minutes but if discussions are passionate, they can continue further.

Not recorded
To approach the idea of a real café in which visitors can meet informally, we have decided not to record the INCCA Cafés. This creates a safe space where questions can be asked and methods can be reconsidered. I provides room for uncertainty without the hesitation that being recorded brings. 

Present your project during an INCCA Café
If you are interested in presenting your project, please send an email to Ongoing research projects (including PhDs or Masters) as well as conservation case studies are welcome. Presenting your project could also lead to exciting collaboration opportunities. We want to hear from you!


INNCA Café, 20 January 2022, 3PM CET - Death of an Artwork, CAN! Conversation in collaboration with INCCA Café 

What really happens when an artwork “dies” in a private collection or the art market? Or when it is destroyed in a fire or flood?  Please join us for a  conversation with Wendy Lindstrom, a litigator for Mazzola Lindstrom LLP, and Mary Sheridan who is the AVP Claim Salvage Manager for Chubb Insurance, North America, Recovery.

Register here.


INCCA Café, 15 December 2021 - In this event, eight presenters explored the installation, documentation and conservation of light-based artworks by sharing ongoing projects. These inspiring contributions were followed by an engaging discussion that sparked new ideas and connections. 

INCCA Café, 6 June 2021 - Members of our own sister organisation INCCA South Korea talked about activities undertaken by INCCA South Korea since their launch in 2019.  Such as seminars, conversations with artists, book talks etc. and they discussed the benefits of having a national or regional INCCA group.