Recap INCCA Café: Student & Early Career Research pt.2

Posted on Mon, 05/20/2024 - 19:03

INCCA hosted the second INCCA Café: Student and Early Career Research on the 16th of May 2024, focusing on the technical and material aspects of contemporary conservation, including treatment case studies and technical analysis. 

Anna Cecylia Brzóstowicz began the Café by summarising her part in the creation of a bespoke and reversible magnetised support for Bronisław Kierzkowski’s mixed media Textured Composition No.223. This was followed by Erica Loh’s presentation of her research into the mechanical properties of Isinglass, Lascaux 498HV and Evacon-R as adhesives for repairing microcrystalline wax objects and sculptures. Kinga Klemińska then went on to discuss the use of artificial ageing in her PhD and how her analysis of modern paints and synthetic coatings will inform her ongoing and future treatments. In contrast, Lucas Mantel reviewed his practical research on the conservation of modern wood-based supports such as chipboard and MDF, comparing interventive and minimalist treatments of panels damaged by swelling and impacts. The presentations concluded with Caroline Longo’s case study on the consolidation of cellulose nitrate glasses, and how her treatment is part of a larger focus on sustainable conservation treatments for modern and contemporary materials. 

Questions following the presentations allowed the speakers to discuss with the 32 participants more freely the challenges, limitations, and practicalities of their research, such as issues regarding re-treatability, as well as their aims for future research. Their talks demonstrated how important it is to continue to share ideas within the conservation community to help expand our knowledge on the treatment of complex contemporary artworks. 

Find the speakers' bio here.

Photo: Screenshot of INCCA Café: Student & Early Career Research pt.2.