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INCCA members are dedicated to developing, sharing and preserving knowledge needed for the conservation of modern and contemporary art. INCCA is a network of like-minded professionals connected to the conservation of modern and contemporary art. Conservators, curators, scientists, registrars, archivists, art historians, artists, educators and students are among our members.

Since its inception in 1999, the network has grown from 23 to over 2600 members (including independents and students) from over 800 organisations in around 80 countries.

Vsiting is like going to a conference
The INCCA website is an interactive digital platform to find and share news, events and resources on the conservation of modern and contemporary art. Users can find projects, (online)publications as well as links to organisations and training programmes in the field. The site is unique as it also houses (descriptions of) documents created by INCCA members that are otherwise inaccessible. Most member documents are artist interviews, but you can also find condition reports, installation instructions and technical drawings. Member documents may even be notes taken during 'ad hoc'  discussions with artists, such as telephone conversations or during exhibition installations. Often important information can be obtained from the artist at such impromptu moments. Different members share documents concerning the same artist resulting in a unique 'virtual artist archive'. Over 1600 artists are represented in INCCA including such names as: Marina Abramovic, Joseph Beuys, Tony Cragg, Tracey Emin and Thomas Hirschhorn.
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INCCA members can: share and access members documents, post and comment on news, events, articles, blogs and participate in the forum.
INCCA Steering Committee
The Steering Committee (SC) represents INCCA members and gives advice on the strategic direction of the network.
INCCA Mentoring Programme
The INCCA mentoring programme (launched in the fall of 2018) aims to connect emerging conservators, or those new to the  conservation of contemporary art, with recognized and established conservation professionals. It will allow the fostering of meaningful one-on-one mentoring experiences around specific short-term activities, and also the creation of longer-term professional relationships.
INCCA talks is a series of conversations and panels exploring current issues in contemporary art conservation and related fields. They include book talks where authors will discuss their recently published books. INCCA Talks are free of charge and will take place online using Zoom. 
The INCCA Cafés are an opportunity for INCCA members to gather and discuss themes and issues of interest, as well as present projects they are working on to their peers. They are grassroot driven, loosely moderated forums for members to share and exchange information and experiences. INCCA cafés will be hosted online via Zoom and will have a duration of approximately 60 minutes but if discussions are passionate, they can continue further.
INCCA Groups
As the network grows, groups of INCCA members are created. This way, members can work together on projects or share information more effectively.
INCCA Affiliated Projects
INCCA members work together on research projects to create new knowledge for the field. Inside Installations: Presentation and Presentation of Installation Art (2004-2007) is one such project. Thirty complex installations (many multi-media) were re-installed, investigated and documented. The main results of PRACTICs (2009-2011) were the international symposium Contemporary Art: Who Cares? (Amsterdam, 2010) and the book Inside Installations. Theory and Practice in the Care of Complex Artworks, Amsterdam University Press (2011). INCCA also teamed up with IIC to organise the 2016 IIC Congress in Los Angeles
Other events INCCA has been involved in the organisation of are:
Do you have a research project or event that could benefit the network? It is possible to have your project given the INCCA Affiliated status.