INCCA Statement of Values

Posted on Fri, 12/11/2015 - 13:06


By joining the International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art, members recognise and fully endorse the network’s mission:

To collect, share and preserve knowledge needed for the conservation of modern and contemporary art.

Artists use all imaginable materials and techniques, the significance of which are often meaningless without information on the artists’ intentions. Professionals involved in the conservation of modern and contemporary works continually to collect information such as condition reports, artist interviews, and more. This information is vital in conserving modern and contemporary art, and is shared by network members through the INCCA website.

Members are aware that increasingly complex and innovative works of art require innovative approaches to preservation. INCCA is not just an instrument for knowledge management and exchange; its added value lies in its role as a platform to bring professionals together from different backgrounds and disciplines, to solve common problems and develop good practice. The value of this kind of exchange is beyond measure and without it we put the continued existence of contemporary art in jeopardy. As such, members are in support of and will abide by the INCCA governing values:



INCCA members are committed to disseminating relevant information and sharing their knowledge and research results.


Active participation for the collective good

INCCA relies on the generosity and enthusiasm of its members to contribute information and knowledge – in particular to the INCCA website, and participate in research projects, not only for individual gain, but also for the collective good.


Interdisciplinary collaboration

The preservation of modern and contemporary art is complex and covers many areas of professional expertise. Members are aware that no single profession or organisation can address all of the challenges alone and strive to collaborate with others outside of their professions.


Recognise and involve stakeholders

INCCA members share an understanding that artists, custodians, professionals and the public all have stakes in the conservation of modern and contemporary art. They strive to incorporate the interests of all stakeholders in their research and decision-making.