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INCCA membership is open to any professional or student who is involved in the conservation of modern and contemporary art. Conservators, curators, scientists, registrars, archivists, art historians, artists, educators and students are among our members. Membership to INCCA is free, however members are encouraged to contribute information to the INCCA website.
Membership criteria
- You are a professional or student with an interest in or directly involved with the conservation of contemporary art
- You believe in INCCA’s mission and governing values, which include openness and a commitment to knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration.
Please read our Statement of Values.
Join the network
To join INCCA follow this link to the registration form. Fill in your details and submit the form. TIP! Use your name as your username so that people can see who you are immediately. Once your registration is accepted you will receive a welcome email. 
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Each registration is looked at by hand by Ilka van Steen (INCCA coordinator). Please add AS MUCH INFORMATION as you can to the registration form, including your occupation and background. We receive a lot of spam and fake applications and it really helps if it is clear that a real / genuine person is applying for membership! Thank you for your understanding. 
Sign up for INCCA Updates (the network newsletter)
To receive regular newsletters in your inbox, you will need to sign up for them. This also applies to INCCA members with an account! Go to the INCCA home page and look for the big orange button on the right to sign up. You may prefer to follow INCCA news via Facebook and/or Linked in. Sign up for these groups here: 
If you have questions about membership and cannot find an answer in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website please contact your nearest group coordinator. If there is no INCCA group located near you please contact th INCCA Coordinator