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Tips for searching the INCCA website

All information entered into the INCCA website is essentially put into one database. The menu offers access to the main types of content: news, events, blogs, articles, forum topics and member documents as well as member profiles.  For more information on the different content types members are able to add read Adding information in the INCCA website.
Popular content is grouped together through tags to be accessed through the menu: publications, videos, calls for papers, opportunities (jobs, internships, fellowships, funding), training programmes (including workshops and short courses) and projects. But there is much more to find in the site including links to relevant organisations as well as PhD and Master thesis research. 
Click on search to start. Enter a keyword and click SEARCH. If you are an INCCA member and logged in, the search will also be made in member documents AND any attachments like PDFs. To narrow down your search click on Filter results and select one or more types of content.
Useful tags
Videos of all of the lectures from the 2010 international symposium Contemporary Art:Who Cares?
modern art: who cares? 
Articles from the 1999 publication Modern Art: Who Cares?
Relevant organisations in the field
Looking for a member? Type a name in keyword, choose content type member and click on search.
PLEASE NOTE! The type ‘map’ is not applicable for INCCA. This option needs to be removed from the system.
Unsure of which keyword to search with? Use ‘Search by tag’ and select one or more tags from the list.
Looking for information that is connect to an INCCA group? You can also filter by group.