Recap - INCCA Revisiting Interviews: The Artist Assistant

Posted on Wed, 09/28/2022 - 11:13
INCCA Revisiting Interviews: The Artist Assistant

In the first event in INCCA’s new programming series Revisiting Interviews, we explored interview processes with artist assistants and fabricators. Through seven short presentations followed by discussions, many different aspects were explored such as authorship, authority, and the ethical and legal implications of sharing information about an artist's process. A strong theme that emerged was the need for trust and relationship building. We also spoke of the various interested parties within the artist eco-system. Another central aspect was the question of how to document the critical knowledge that assistants and fabricators have of materials and process. Filming assistants and fabricators does not only allow to capture informal conversations but also visual demonstrations, thereby conveying knowledge that words fall short to describe. In addition, we touched upon legal aspects and release forms, as well as archiving and how to build a dossier of knowledge to accompany the work. The contributions were thought-provoking and inspiring, and the lively exchanges that followed made it clear that the conversation needs to continue further. 

Learn more about INCCA Revisiting Interviews series here and the program of this session INCCA Revisiting Interviews: The Artist Assistant here.