Recap: INCCA Resource Group Café: Light Art - Problems, Solutions, and Ongoing Challenges

Posted on Sun, 10/22/2023 - 13:05
Incca light art cafe

On 5th October 2023, INCCA hosted a Resource Group Café on light art. A small group met online to discuss problems, solutions and ongoing challenges in the conservation of light-based art. We discussed different types of light sources; neon and fluorescent tubes, as well as LED and incandescent lights. There was a lot of experience gathered in the group, and conservators were able to ask each other questions on the fabrication, documentation and preservation of light-based works, while exchanging knowledge and ideas. The group consisted of Carla Flack, sasha arden, Andrea Sartorius, Carolin Bohlmann, Francesca Esmay, Ellen Moody and Sue Shepherd. The event was organized by Rachel Rivenc, Pip Laurenson, Taylor Healy and Josephine Bobeck who moderated the event. Keep an eye out for upcoming INCCA Resource Group Cafés to deep-dive into challenging topics with your colleagues!

Photo: Screenshot of INCCA Resource Group Café: Light Art.