Posted on Sat, 10/16/2021 - 10:49

The 1st September 2021 a new research project started at NICAS (Netherlands Institute for Conservation+Art+Science+]. It is a multi-year programme funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

During the first year of the programme 6 research associates will conduct an international field survey that will map and analyze the ways in which the material properties of artworks are studied, presented and preserved.
Each research associate will focus on a specific category connected to heritage objects:

Maria Laura Petruzzellis: Modern and Contemporary Art;
Marie-Noëlle Grison: Book, Paper and Photographic Materials;
Annelena de Groot: Textiles;
Tamar Hestrin-Grader: Wood and Furniture;
Gadis Fitriana Putri: Paintings;
Glennis Rayermann: Objects: Glass, Ceramics and Stone; Metal.

They will investigate several specific themes, such as: existing challenges, active projects, networks and infrastructures but also existing knowledge, resources and facilities; trainings and education programs; approaches, methods and practices within geographical and cultural specificity in a de-colonial perspective; power dynamics, validation and decision making; complex data.
By investigating these themes, the programme seek to identify the major challenges facing the field today and in the future, and seize the the opportunities that exist for more fruitful collaboration. The research will draft so-called Road Maps that will illustrate potential ways forward, with specific attention for the ways in which existing networks and organisations can be used and linked to facilitate the exchange of ideas and practices.

A respectful and interdisciplinary dialogue between people is crucial in order to reach those ambitious goals.
Open conversation, surveys and meetings will be organized in order to dialogue on specific themes for investigation, actual needs, gaps and new ideas! Please stay tuned!