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INCCA Affilated Projects

INCCA members often work on research projects, as part of a training programe or within their institutions and in a lot of cases together with other professionals in the field. Unfortunately, often the results of such projects are not added to the INCCA website mainly for lack of time. Over the years the INCCA office has received a number of requests for letters of recommendation to use to attract project funding or even to get permission to carry out research projects within their own organisation. The INCCA Affilated Project service for INCCA members has been created not only to encourage members to share their project results but also to help members in getting their research projects started.
Since the establishment of INCCA in 1999 a number of projects have been carried out either by INCCA members or in collaboration with the INCCA Steering Committee. If you are an INCCA member (or considering becoming one) and would like your project to have the affiliated status, please read the following: Apply to INCCA Affiliated Projects.
Past INCCA Affiliated projects: