Apply to INCCA Affiliated Projects

Posted on Fri, 12/11/2015 - 10:25
INCCA affiliated projects can make use of several services of INCCA:
  • The project will receive an official letter from the INCCA Coordinator announcing the status 'INCCA affiliated project'.
  • Use of the INCCA logo on all project communication material.
  • Project information will be posted on the INCCA website and receive extra space and attention at the website, under a special section.
  • Announcements concerning the project will be published in the INCCA Updates mailing and on the INCCA website.
  • If necessary and/or possible some advice/assistance in finding partners and organising meetings.
  • If necessary advice on how to prepare the documentation resulting from the project for uploading to
  • 'INCCA affiliated projects' is a service which is only available to INCCA members.
  • Regular project updates will be sent in by the project manager to the INCCA office for publication on the INCCA website.
  • Results of the project will be uploaded to Results can be in any form. Examples are:
    • Research outcomes: condition reports, artist interviews, reports on scientific research.
    • Event documentation: reports/notes/recordings of meetings/seminars/discussions.
    • Publications: (references to) journal articles, conference pre-prints.
Application process
Members can fill in the INCCA Affiliated Project application form and send it along with any other documents (such as a more detailed project plan) to the INCCA Coordinator.
The application will be reviewed by the INCCA Steering Committee. Within four weeks of the application the INCCA Coordinator will let the member know if their project has been accepted as an INCCA affiliated project.