Winners of the 1st Virtual Content Party

Posted on Thu, 09/25/2008 - 12:24
And the winners are…..
The first INCCA Virtual Content Party (VCP) came to and end last Thursday May 31st and I am pleased to announce the winners of the five book packages. Admittedly some of the winners had entered records just before or even just after the party period, but as this was our first VCP, I will not be too strict. The next VCP will be different however! Posted by Karen te Brake-Baldock.
1st place:
Barbara Horvath, registrar and collection management, Thyssen-Bornemisza,Art Contemporary,
Vienna. Barbara became a member in December 2006 and shortly after (without any help) entered 8
records!  The titles of her records were:
- Condition report of Ai Weiwei’s ‘Colored Vases’, 2006
- Condition report of Jim Lambie’s ‘Status Quo’, 2006
- Condition report of Klaus Weber’s ‘Public Fountain LSD Hall’, 2003
- Condition report of Matthew Ritchie’s ‘The Family Farm’, 2001
- Installation manual of Carsten Höller’s ‘Y’, 2003
- Installation manual of Fred Sandbank’s ‘Untitled’, 1967
- Installation manual of Klaus Weber’s ‘Public Fountain LSD Hall’, 2003
- Installation manual of Olafur Eliasson’s ‘Reversed Waterfall’, 2006
2nd place:
Hilkka Hiiop, conservator of contemporary art, Estonian Art Museum, Tallin
entered 3 records.
- Interview with Estonian artist Mart Viljus
- Preservation report of conceptual artwork
- Transcript of interview with Estonian artist Raul Rajangu
3rd place:
Lúcia Matos, Professor, University of Porto entered 2 records.
- Neon light installation by António Quadros Ferreira, 1972
- Reconstruction of a neon light installation, 1972
4th place:
Janet Moore, assistant registrar, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
entered 2 records.
- Installation manual for Paul Chan’s ‘1st Light’
- Conservation treatment report on manufacture ‘Dormeuse’, 1998, by Mona
5th place:
Emy Kim, student MA in Fine Arts Conservation at New York University also
added a record just after joining last year. Again, outside of the VCP,
but I believe worthy of a package as she did do very soon after joining
and was the first student brave enough to add a record into INCCA into the
new system.
- Interview with Lynn Cooke regarding Hanne Darboven
Well done to all. Your books will be sent out shortly.
Special mentions
Thanks also to the following members who also entered records during the VCP:
Lisa Bruno, conservator of objects, Brooklyn Museum
Karl Buchberg, senior conservator, MoMA, New York
Fabiana Cangia,freelance conservator/restorer, Rome
Corey D’Augustine, conservator, MoMA
Cecelia Illa Malhevy, Head of preventative conservation-restoration,
Fundacio La Caixa, Barcelona
Karl Mosier, senior conservator, MoMA
Glenn Wharton, research scholar, New York University
Lynda Zycherman, conservator, MoMA