VoCA Talk: Dell Marie Hamilton & Panel Discussion

Posted on Mon, 11/22/2021 - 22:46
Photo of a woman dancing in a courtyard, dressed in black, with blond hair. A row boat with colorful flags is next to the figure

In this Talk, filmed at Boston Center for the Arts on May 18, 2021, artist Dell Marie Hamilton speaks with curator Sam Toabe about the many layers of material and meaning that comprise a selection of her drawings, photography, performance, video, and multimedia installations. Hamilton breaks down the stages of her artistic process and her studio practice, walks through various iterations of her seminal performance work, "Blues/Blank/Black" (2018), and pays homage to the scholars and mentors who helped shape her voice.

A virtual program was hosted in partnership with VoCA and Boston Center for the Arts featuring a live conversation and audience Q&A with artist Dell Marie Hamilton, curator Sam Toabe, and conservator Jennifer Hickey (https://vimeo.com/643599855).

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