Video: Contemporary Art: Who Cares? Marianne Parsch (2010)

Posted on Mon, 02/22/2010 - 14:30
Plenary lecture
Experience has made me rich and now they are after me - Ingvild Goetz's passion for art and the management of her collection.
Marianne Parsch, conservator
Goetz Collection
Ingvild Goetz's passion for art means a permanent stable incoming of new works into the collection with stable loan requests.  As a result of this increase the logistical management is enormous: the focus lies on documentation and conservation needs with the processing of the international loan requests. No special restoration studios are set up. The investment is correlated to a reasonable cost/performance ratio. Some examples of the last years show how a small and flexible team deals with these needs in individual coordination without a rigid standardised approach.  Ingvild Goetz´s management of her collection is self-confident, individual and free from justification with regard to society – contrary to public collections. This can serve as a model for asking some general questions about the conservation of contemporary art.
Marianne Parsch studied in Freiburg and Berne. She obtained a university degree in biology in Freiburg and worked on several research projects as a biologist. She then went on to study conservation and graduated with a Diploma in Paper Conservation (HfG Bern); specialisation in photographic materials. Marianne worked as a conservator for graphic arts at Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Münster. Consultant and freelance work for companies, museums, galleries, private collectors. Conservator at Goetz Collection Munich since 2003. Marianne lives and works with her family in Munich.