Survey on cleaning methods for metal

Posted on Wed, 05/06/2020 - 11:57


We are two PhD students in Conservation Science at the Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-restauration (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) working with Prof. Edith Joseph. We are currently working on cleaning metal artefacts, thanks to bio-based gels loaded with microorganisms and/or green solvents for the removal of corrosion products (in particular, tarnishing) and degraded organic coatings from previous interventions.

As part of the project, we have designed a survey in order to better understand which cleaning methods are currently used in metal conservation. It would be a great support to have your contribution, as it would help to fit our research better with stakeholders' demand. If interested in the purpose of our project, please follow the link below to take part in the survey:

You have until the 1st of July to answer the survey. Thank you in advance for your help and participation, we remain available for any additional information you would need.

Arianna Passaretti and Luana Cuvillier

PhD students - HELIX Project

Haute école de Conservation-restauration Arc