Study: SGPS Programs 2022

Posted on Thu, 04/07/2022 - 13:15
San Gemini Preservation Studies is accepting applications for their summer 2022 field school in Italy.
Now in its 22nd year, with alumni from over 170 colleges and universities worldwide, SGPS is dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage. We offer students the opportunity to study and travel in Italy where they acquire hands-on experience in restoration and conservation. The deadline for applications has been extended to April 15, 2022.
Session One (June 6 - July 1)
Building Restoration – Touching the Stones
Restoration of Traditional Masonry Buildings and Sketching and Analyzing Historic Buildings
(Program includes lectures and restoration field projects*)

Archaeological Ceramics Restoration
Analysis and Restoration of Archaeological Ceramics in Italy
(Program includes lectures and restoration workshop*)

Book Bindings Restoration
The Craft of Making and Restoring Book Bindings
Introduction to the Preservation and Preventive Conservation of Books
(Program includes lectures and practical workshop*)
Session Two (July 18 - August 12)
Paper Restoration
Restoration and Conservation of Paper in Books and Archival Documents
(Program includes lectures and restoration workshop*)

Traditional Painting Techniques
Traditional Materials, Methods of Painting and Art Restoration Issues
(Program includes lectures and painting workshop)

Preservation Theory and Practice in Italy
Restoration Theory, Ethics and Issues
(Program includes lectures and discussion)
Field Projects
  •  Restoration of Porta Tuderte (also known as the San Giovanni City Gate) (13th century)
  • Analysis of medieval buildings in San Gemini as part of an urban study of the city
  • Restoration and conservation of artifacts from the Office of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for the Abruzzo Region
  • Restoration of the Historic Archives of the Dioceses of Terni
  • Archaeological research of the Roman Baths in the Ancient City of Carsulae
Short Intersession Program (July 3 - 12)

Preservation Field Trip – Italy
A ten-day trip visiting Siena, Florence and Rome: places of cultural interest, with emphasis on the urban and historical development of each town, including specialized visits to places of interest to restorers.