Source artwork

Posted on Thu, 01/11/2018 - 06:18
Source, monumental installation
Source , Monumental Art installation - Pylon N° 11

Source artwork, Committee, France

1) The work of art: "Source" monumental installation ( ) The artwork "Source" is unique because of its concept and its dimensions. It is a monumental art installation on a 225 000 volts High Voltage power line "Amnéville - Montois" France. Four high-tension towers and 1.5 kilometers of the line are transformed into works of art. “Source” is included in the INCCA register and is in the European archives of urban public space. It is recognized by the French Ministry of Culture as an important monument and since 2008 it has been open to the public during the European Heritage Days. The work is presented in many exhibitions, congresses, conferences in France and abroad as an example of industrial patrimony transformed into cultural legacy. Sizes: 34 meters high, 1255 meters long, 28 meters wide. Weight: 28 tons. Technical medium: Stay cables and tubes of stainless steel over four high-voltage pylons on the line carrying electricity. Materials used: 3 284m of steel cable, 2 708m of stays, 525m of plastic canvas, 576m of stainless steel tubes, 384 fixations, 40 lighting projectors controlled by satellite. Location: Tourist and Spa Center - Amnéville les Thermes Esplanade site 57 360 Amnéville les Thermes – France Site visited by around 5 million tourists a year. Contact: Tourist Office of Amnéville: Phone: +33 3 87 70 10 40 Inaugurated: February 17th, 2004. Artist: Elena Paroucheva – Environmental artist Sponsor and management: RTE - Network Transmission of Electricity, France.