Posted on Wed, 09/17/2008 - 10:46

Schaulager located in Münchenstein / Basel (Switzerland) is the home for the works in the collection of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation that are not currently on exhibition. It is a new kind of space for art. It is neither museum nor a traditional warehouse. Schaulager is first and foremost a response to the old and new needs for the storage of works of the visual arts. It dispenses with box storage and transforms the foyers of the exhibition halls into autonomous facilities, independent of any museum, with specific qualities and functions. Schaulager is an institution dedicated to contemporary art- its conservation, research and dissemination.



Schaulager is primarily directed at a specialist audience: museum workers, conservators, curators, researchers, students and teachers. For occasional exhibitions, special events and two monumental permanent installations by Katharina Fritsch and Robert Gober, respectively, the Schaulager is also accessible to a broader public.



For teaching and research, Schaulager is open the entire year. Tours of the collections of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation or of the architecture of Schaulager are not possible.

Schaulager is funded solely by the Laurenz Foundation.




For more information follow the link  to the Schaulager website.