Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art

Posted on Wed, 09/10/2008 - 08:47

Under the sponsorship of The Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections of the Cornell University Library (Ithaca, New York State, USA) the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art serves as a research repository of new media art and resources. The curatorial vision emphasizes digital interfaces and artistic experimentation by international, independent artists. Designed as an experimental center of research and creativity, the Goldsen Archive includes materials by individual artists and collaborates on conceptual experimentation and archival strategies with international curatorial and fellowship projects.


Named after the pioneering critic of the commercialization of mass media, the late Professor Rose Goldsen of Cornell University, the Archive was founded in 2002 by Timothy Murray to house international art work produced on CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, video, digital interfaces, and the internet. Its collection of supporting materials includes unpublished manuscripts and designs, catalogues, monographs, and resource guides to new media art.


(Extra keywords: documentation, installation art, mixed media, net art, sound, time-based media,variable media,web art)

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Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art