REISS, E. Diploma thesis on blood as a material used in contemporary art, 2006

Posted on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 11:26

Eva Christina Rieß

specialised in conservation and restoration of painting and sculpture, Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Cologne






A special juice. Blood as a material in contemporary art

Ein ganz besonderer Saft. Blut als Material in der zeitgenössischen Kunst



Blood, general material quality of blood, blood as colour, blood as adhesive, Peter Gilles



The first part investigates the general material quality of blood: basics of chemical and material synthesis as well as characteristics of ageing will be described. Based on practical tests characteristical appearances and damages should be proven. The practical implementation of different spectroscopical methods is supposed to show options to determine the material blood. The paper continues with an essay of technological aspects of arts facing the use of blood as colour and adhesive. The last part of this paper examinates the installation “Unter der Haut” by performance artist Peter Gilles as well as the conservation concept. Practical tests should lead to proposals for consolidation and surface cleaning. The paper completes with general references for preventive conservation and occupational health and safety.



Prof. Lydia Beerkens and Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Jägers






Through the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences