Registration open: Issues in the management of photographic collections

Posted on Sun, 06/30/2013 - 17:40

Safeguarding Image Collections


31 October 2013

Issues in the management of photographic collections

Today‚ photographic images account for a large portion of the world's memory and are found in diverse contexts. Whether autonomous objects or documents, photographic images can be of immense value. However archives, museums, libraries and other institutions around the world are struggling to conserve image collections in both analogue and digital formats. Despite multiple tools, best practices, CEN regulations, … the implementation of a strategy for efficient management of photographic collections is a complex task for collection managers and archivists. This conference would like to present some practical case studies of the management and conservation of photographic collections that have successfully applied theoretical ideals to good practice on the ground.

The overall aim is to bring together professionals dealing with photographic images from different standpoints in order to develop a practical and philosophical framework for the management of photographic collections in different contexts.

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