Publication: AV Insider 2 magazine: Preservation in Times of Precarity (2012)

Posted on Mon, 10/15/2012 - 12:37

How do we continue the significant preservation work when our budgets become tighter and tighter? What ways are there to save money? How can we strategise for the sustainability of not only AV cultural heritage but also the knowledge and expertise of organisations? Gaby Wijers — head of preservation at the Netherlands Media Art Institute — tells the story of a new start for media art after the government withdraws funding. This edition also features Peter B. Kaufman on how to estimate the value of the AV archive industry and Kara van Malssen about open source tools for AV digital preservation workflows.

Table of Contents:

  • Sustaining Preservation During Tough Times for Media Art - Gaby Wijers, Netherlands Media Art Institute
  • Tools for Smaller Budgets - Kara van Malssen, AudioVisual Preservation Solutions
  • Assessing the Audiovisual Archive Market - Peter Kaufman, Intelligent Television
  • Learning a New Language: Grant Schemes for Digitisation and Lessons from Europe
  • Power to Serve: How Going Green Can Help You Save Money
  • Training the Audiovisual Archivist of the 21st Century
  • Never Stop Learning with PrestoCentre Webinars
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