Project Photography - Sample Set for sale

Posted on Fri, 11/20/2020 - 16:41

In October 2020 the Dutch Foundation for the Preservation of Contemporary Art (SBMK), the University of Amsterdam (UvA), sixteen museums, and the Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands (RCE) joined forces in a three-year collaborative project titled ‘Project Collection Knowledge 2.0 - Photography’.

As a result of the Dutch Photography Project, we are very excited to be able to offer you the one time opportunity to purchase an extensive photographic sample set of modern and contemporary processes, some of which are now obsolete. Examples include: dye transfer, photo-linen, silver dye bleach, dye diffusion, toned silver gelatin developed-out, and also contemporary processes and techniques such as face-mounted, laminated chromogenic prints and dye sublimation on metal (ChromaLuxe®). Please see the following link for the complete list of samples included.

Sample Set & Online Tool
This unique sample set of reference materials serves as a material aid for the identification of modern and contemporary photographs. The set is the physical component of the digital tool for identification of photograph processes, supports and finishing techniques that will be developed during the duration of the Project Collection Knowledge 2.0 - Photography. The digital online tool will include process identification and extensive information about preservation issues surrounding modern and contemporary photographs. The online tool will be made available in English and Dutch and be similar in design to the Plastic Identification Tool that was developed in the  previous SBMK project.

The set can be used for educational and research purposes. Various national and international printing labs and photographers are responsible for the printing of the sample set that encompasses 43 selected papers of photographic processes and techniques to represent the materials found in photography collections. Due to a one-off substantial discount provided by the printing labs and photographer’s participating in the production of the sample set, it can be produced within the project for a special price. This discount reduces the cost by € 844,-. Download complete list of samples.

Interested parties pay € 1462.00 (excluding shipping and VAT costs). We can only guarantee the complete set with 43 samples for this price if we receive orders by 5 December 2020. Send an email to