Project: Digital Dossier for Marina Abramovic (2005)

Posted on Fri, 09/26/2008 - 08:31

Collaborative project between Free University (Amsterdam), Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage / ICN, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art  / SBMK and Marina Abramovic
Date: January-May 2005

This is an INCCA Affiliated Project.

Technical requirements
To view this digital dossier Blaxxun Web3D Viewer (Contact 51) is required. Blaxxun Plugin can be downloaded for free from Blaxxun Homepage. For viewing video's a player such as RealPlayer (free download) is needed.

Digital Dossier Marina Abramovic

Aims of the project
The aim of collaborative projects between Free University (Faculty of Science) and Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (Conservation Research Department) is to develop interactive tools for the preservation of contemporary art. New VR-technology is researched for developing a knowledge structure including the art works themeselves, issues of preservation and presentation, interviews with the artist and relating context information. During this project a digital dossier was developed for the art works of Marina Abramovic, using a Concept Graph presentation.

Concept Graph
This presentation allows the user to browse through the information in various ways. From the Main node, four 4 categories can be searched, that is Artworks, Keywords, Interviews and Project information. From these various categories there is access to images, descriptions, videoclips of a large number of works of art. Interview clips with the artist and transcriptions can be viewed, as well as text/image information on material-technical aspects, preservation and presentation of the works. Interrelations between the various information sources have been designed carefully.

Content of the Digital Dossier
The content of this digital dossier Marina Abramovic is based on a number of information sources, the most prominent being:

  • Two interviews with Marina Abramoviæ conducted during a project ‘Artists Interviews’ by Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art / SBMK and ICN (2003). Interviewers: Dorine Mignot (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) and Frederika Huys (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent). Dates: 2003 March 25th and April 16th.
  • Archive created by SBMK for the interviews with Marina Abramovic
  • Catalogue of video works at Netherlands Media Art Institute/Montevideo

The interviews were analyzed by Michela Negrini (master student ‘Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image’, University of Amsterdam) who also classified the text fragments for the dossier. Her notes are included as Interview comments and recur in the various end text nodes.

Although utmost care has been regarded in the creation of this digital dossier, it still may include mistakes. Please, notify INCCA.


View Screens including a picture, interview clip and transcription for the work Shoes for Departure(1991)

Free University
Supervision: A. Eliëns
Students: Jina Menke, Tim Verweij, Eric de Boer, Yiwen Wang, Abeer Mahdi, Olaf van Zon, Jurgen Koster, Chris van Riel and Pascal Snijders Blok

Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage / ICN
Supervision: T. Scholte and Y. Hummelen
Student: Michela Negrini

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Advise: Gaby Wijers, Bart Rutten

Special thanks to:
Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art / SBMK
Dorine Mignot (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)
Frederika Huys (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent)
Marina Abramovic