PANTER, V. Diploma thesis on a concept for a survey, monitoring and promotion of outdoor sculptures in Cologne, 2009

Posted on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 10:56

Verena Panter

specialised in conservation and restoration of wooden objects and modern materials, Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Cologne






Outdoor Sculptures after 1945 in public space. Developing a concept to improve the care of outdoor sculptures in Cologne.



outdoor sculpture, public art, public space



Based on the condition reports of statues and sculptures in public places in Cologne, that where made in advance to this thesis, approaches to improve the care of outdoor art objects are given. The terms "public space" and "public art" will be defined. Thereafter the current situation of outdoor sculptures in Cologne will be investigated. Focus is based on the relationship between urban responsibilities, organizational processes, lack of care and its resulting problems. All these factors are underlined by object examples. But also positive developments at the urban level of Cologne will be presented. Besides the approaches of other cities will be considered. On the basis of these facts concepts were developed for the organization, survey, installation, monitoring as well as the promotion of outdoor sculptures in Cologne.



Prof. Dr. Friederike Waentig and Dipl. Rest. Kathrin Keßler






Through the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences