Online publication: The Panza Collection Initiative Records

Posted on Mon, 07/12/2021 - 14:15
Art and Ephemera from the Panza Collection, on view in conjunction with Object Lessons: The Panza Collection Initiative Symposiu

June 2021: The Guggenheim museum has also launched a new digital archive, the Panza Collection Initiative Records. This repository and online finding aid offers a rich resource of material including: transcripts and recordings from over 70 interviews with artists or their assistants, associates, and fabricators; illustrated narratives for over 110 works detailing their fabrication, exhibition, and ownership histories; over 3,000 images of invaluable primary and secondary source documents; transcripts and recordings of Advisory Committee meetings held throughout the study; and video recordings from Object Lessons: The Panza Collection Initiative Symposium, held April 9–10, 2019, at the Guggenheim. The archive features an easily navigable online collection finding aid that will allow researchers, educators, and the broader public to access the full breadth of material produced during the project.


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