INCCA Update November 11, 2016

Dear INCCA members and friends, 

I am pleased to send you the first of the newly formatted INCCA Updates. It is much easier and quicker to make than the old version which means that I will be able to send out updates more often! It also gives an overview of information that has recently been added to the INCCA website that is NOT news or an event, but an 'article'. Want to learn more about how to share your knowledge on the INCCA website? Read this:

You have received this newsletter because you signed up for it. (Well done you! ) If you know someone who has not signed up yet and would like to receive it, please send this email on to them. Instructions on how to sign up can be read here:

It may be a strange time of year, but I am currently working on giving the content on the INCCA website a good clean-up and introducing helpful functions so that you can find information easier. I am very fortunate to have a great volunteer to help me in this process. Aga Wielocha is a PhD candidate at the Univeristy of Amsterdam and one of 15 students involved in the NACCA project; New Approaches in the Conservation of Contemporary Art.

If you think any information you have added INCCA in the past is no longer up to date, please go ahead and adjust it! I can help you if you need help with the new system.

As improvements take place we will let you know about them of course! If in the meantime you have any questions or suggestions on how the site works, please send an email to

kind regards,

Karen te Brake-Baldock

INCCA coordinator, based at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.