INCCA Update, April 9, 2018

Spring has finally sprung, well, in the northern hemisphere that is! 

In this INCCA Update you will find interesting face-to-face meetings planned for 2018 as well as a bunch of new (online) publications, including some excellent videos.  It is great to see that so many organisations, private conservators and students or recent graduates, take the time to share their knowledge in new ways and formats. Conference publications and articles in (scientific) journals are also increasingly being posted online with open access. This is all great news as we know that sharing knowledge is better for everyone! Once information is out there, online, adding it to the INCCA website is an easy task.

But you may wonder, if the information is online already then I can 'google' it,  right? So then, why would you want to add it to The internet is a big place! Information on the INCCA site has be selected for its relevance to conservators and other professionals who work with the preservation and presentation of contemporary art. Through the use of 'tags' information is connected, so if you are looking for an article about a particular material for example, you will also see news items and events in which that material also plays a part.

Something else you may not be aware of, is that the site is in fact a repository has loads of room on it. So, for those people (students or private conservators) who do not have a 'place' online (a website or other kind of repository) to store documents, you can in fact use to do this. As long as the information is relevant, and you have the correct permissions from co-authors, then uploading documentation (artist interviews, installation instructions etc.) to is a great way to organise your documentation.

As the network grows and the stream of relevant information increases, it is more and more important for members to upload information themselves. Uploading information to easy to do and will ensure that your information is not only shared, but also that the timing is right. This can be crucial when posting jobs for example. 

Would you like to share information (news or events) or your research (articles, member documents) with like-minded peers through the INCCA website, but are unsure how, have a look at these tips for sharing.

One more thing...there is even space on the INCCA website for you to share your opinions. Each member can not only post blogs in their own blog page, but it is also possible tp post a question on the INCCA Forum. 

If you still need help or advice on how to use any of the functions on the website, please contact Karen on

Have a lovely week!

Karen te Brake-Baldock

INCCA Coordinator