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Symposium: Art, Conservation and Authenticities

Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 12:35
University of Glasgow, Scotland, 12-14 September 2007
The Art History Department at the Glasgow University and ICON Scotland are organizing a three-day symposium on the subject of: Art, Conservation and Authenticities: Material, Concept, Context.
‘Authenticity’ is one of the most influential factors that determine a course of action for a work of art in need of conservation. It is also one of the most contested, and currently subject to critical revision, reinvestment, and redirection.
Identifying exactly what constitutes an artwork’s ‘authentic’ state can be problematic and challenging; maintaining or displaying it as such even more so. This conference seeks to stimulate discussion around three key areas considered vital in establishing or vouchsafing an artwork’s ‘authenticity’: material, concept, and context.  Interdisciplinary research into art production: historical materials, techniques and studio practice; a more conceptual approach when considering authenticity in modern and contemporary art  (e.g. what is the status of the original ‘carrier’?); and the importance of the original and present context for the authentic artwork, are key topics.
Thirty papers will be presented over three days by speakers from various disciplines and eight different countries, who will focus on a series of conservation ‘flashpoints’: painted works, drawings, sculpture,
installations, new media, performance, interiors and historic houses, cultural objects.
The conference papers will draw out a range of cross-currents, encouraging discussion on: attributing authenticity; performing authenticity; meaningful materials; ephemeral images; aggregate objects; accumulating contexts; activated spaces; intangible narratives; interpretative layers.
The conference is aimed at curators, conservators, history of art and conservation students and anyone dealing with art collections, their preservation and display.
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