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Special issue of ICON Journal online

Monday, June 19, 2017 - 11:33

The Institute of Conservation (Icon) are pleased to announce that a 40th anniversary special issue of the Journal of the Institute of Conservation (Vol 40, no 2) is now available online with the print issue due out later this month:

In celebrating what is the de-facto 40th year of publication of the Journal ? including its past iterations as The Conservator and The Paper Conservator ? the issue has been convened around the question of what possibilities are there for 'the future of conservation?' While some of the nine diverse responses perhaps point to the acceleration of technology as modulating the profession it is also made explicit how conservation needs to be viewed much more as an active cultural practice - one where ideas are elaborated, contested, and transformed - rather than continue to remain hidden backstage, sotto voce, in accordance with some of its more traditional designations.

In presenting this special issue we hope that the 'restless enquiries' therein given voice provoke further engagement with issues that will, undoubtedly, determine something of the future of the profession.

This special issue comes in a generous ~120-page edition for which the Editor would like to give enormous thanks to at the publisher, Taylor & Francis, including George Cooper and Liz Eades, who both so enthusiastically embraced its production.

Dr Jonathan Kemp

Editor, Journal of the Institute of Conservation



The technique of conservation: on realms of theory and cultures of practice- Hanna Holling

Conservation in the era of participation (free-to-view) - Helia Pereida Marcal

The afterlives of network-based artworks (free-to-view) - Emmanuel Guez, Morgane Stricot, Lionel Broye, Stephane Bizet

Contemporary Art, Contemporary Issues ? Conservation at Tate - Louise Lawson and Deborah Potter

Conservation now - A.Jean E.Brown

Visionary design practices: preserving plastics and designers' intent in collections of modern and contemporary fashion - Leanne Tonkin

Cultural Heritage in Context: The Temples of Nubia, Digital Technologies and the Future of Conservation - Rosa Tamborrino and Willeke Wendrich

3D4Ever: why is it so hard to talk about the preservation of 3D data? - William Kilbride

326 - Conservation in the Age of the Robot - Alastair McCapra