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SAVE THE DATE: Conference on Modern Oil Paints, May 2018

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 13:47


Conference on Modern Oil Paints

Amsterdam, 23-25 May 2018

On 23-25 May 2018, the Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands, in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, Tate, The Courtauld Institute of Art and the University of Pisa and associated partners, will be hosting a three-day conference on modern oil paints.

The conference will be held in Amsterdam under the auspices of the Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science (NICAS).

This event marks the conclusion of the project ‘Cleaning Modern Oil Paints’ (2015-2018), a collaborative European research project exploring some of the most interesting and pertinent challenges associated with the conservation of 20th and 21st century oil paintings. It can be regarded as a follow-up of the Issues in Contemporary Oil Paint symposium2, which took place at the Cultural Heritage Agency in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, in 2013.

The focus of the conference will be on the conservation issues of sensitive contemporary oil paint surfaces and the behaviour of oil paints seen from various perspectives. The conference aims to address a wider public of conservators from all fields (e.g. painting, sculpture, paper), researchers, artists, curators, paint manufactures and interested practitioners.

A particular focus will be on the practice of conservation and how knowledge is transferred from conservators to researchers and vice versa.

We invite abstracts for oral presentations and posters on subjects such as:

  • cultural historical context of use of oil paint in the 20th Century
  • developments in artists’ oil paint technology; paint manufacturers; patents
  •  characterization of modern-contemporary oil paints and paint surfaces
  •  paint degradation and long term stability
  • the artists’ voice and influence on perception of curators, conservators and scientists
  • perceptions of change in oil paintings
  • approaches to conservation and display
  • conservation of oil paintings; practical surface treatment

The abstracts will be distributed to the participants at the conference. Presenters will be asked to submit a paper to be published in the post prints of this conference.

The official announcement and call for abstracts is due to appear on 15 September 2017. Deadline for submitting abstracts is 15 January 2018.

Yours sincerely, the principal investigators of the CMOP conference:

Ilaria Bonaduce (University of Pisa) 

Aviva Burnstock (Courtauld Institute of Art, London)

Bronwyn Ormsby (Tate, London)

Klaas Jan van den Berg (Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, University of Amsterdam)

For further information:


2] ICOP’s proceedings were published: "Issues in Contemporary Oil Paint" (K.J. van den Berg, A. Burnstock, M. de Keijzer, J. Krueger, T. Learner, A. de Tagle, G. Heydenreich, editors), Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014.

Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands CMOP has received funding in the framework of the Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPICH) – Heritage Plus of the European Commission.