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INCCA-NA Announces Tony Smith T-Shirt for Wiki Program Participants

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 13:19


INCCA-NA's Tony Smith Wikipedia project has been moving forward since the launch in August 2012. There have been many articles added to Wikipedia on Tony Smith's outdoor sculptures and we are hoping to continue to fill in the gaps of what public information exists on these pieces. We are so pleased to announce that those individual participating in this project will not only have the satisfaction of knowing that that they helped to increase and disseminate the cache of vital information on artworks created by one of the greatest American sculptors of the 20th Century, but they will also be thanked by INCCA-NA with the gift of a limited-edition Tony Smith t-shirt! A super-soft, gray jersey knit tee with black details, featuring a simple, stylized version of Smith’s sculpture Marriage (1961) on the front and the INCCA-NA logo on the back. For those who have contributed an article and have yet to receive a t-shirt, simply leave a note in the comment section on Richard McCoy’s Wikipedia Talk Page or email us directly at with your t-shirt size (M, L, XL) and address and one will be sent to you! For more information, please see the INCCA-NA website.