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INCCA Literature Database moved to GCI Bibliographies

Thursday, September 25, 2008 - 13:42
The INCCA Literature Database has successfully been transferred to the Getty Conservation Institute Bibliographies website and is from now on named INCCA BIBL.
The building of the INCCA Literature Database started during the original INCCA project. A database of over 2,000 citations of published literature was created through member contributions. In 2006, the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) agreed to provide ongoing access to the INCCA Literature Database as one of the data sets made available via the GCI’s project bibliographies webpage.  Moving custodianship of the Literature Database will allow INCCA to focus its efforts on the continued development of the “INCCA Database for Artist Archives.”
The INCCA Literature Database currently contains over 2,000 records related to the conservation of modern and contemporary art.  In addition, a number of general references are included as well.  The records comprising the bibliography were voluntarily submitted by INCCA members and thus the bibliography is neither encyclopaedic nor comprehensive on the topic of conservation of modern and contemporary art.  Rather, it serves as a good introduction to this area of cultural heritage conservation.
We would like to thank INCCA members who have contributed to the INCCA Literature Database over the past years. Especially their effort to include student’s theses has made this database a unique tool for conservation research.
INCCA Bibliography continued In the future INCCA will continue to be responsible for content decisions and future additions to this bibliography. Therefore, all INCCA members are warmly invited to send new references (published sources as well as student’s theses) to the INCCA coordinator. Citations can be in any format and will be published in the INCCA BIBL as long as records are including an abstract and 5-10 keywords. (Citations of students’ theses should also mention the institution’s name and location.)
The GCI will continue to enhance the bibliographic citations in the bibliography as further citation research is completed.
We would like to thank Luke Swetland (Senior Manager, AATA Online & Bibliographic Services, GCI) and Kris Donovan (archivist GCI) for their kind support and great help in this project.