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Conservation projects manager postion at McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory

Friday, December 18, 2015 - 20:44
McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc. of Oberlin, Ohio is soliciting applications for the new position of Conservation Projects Manager for the company. The company has had a very successful and busy 25 years providing diverse professional art and architectural conservation services. The company operates large facilities registered as The Ohio Conservation Center, consisting of three purpose-built buildings on a 50 acre farm located four miles from the college town of Oberlin. Substantial growth in the past few years in demands on the company for its services is driving the need to break out many duties currently performed by the company president and other employees and consolidate them into the duties of a full-time, assisting management staff member.
This position is appropriate for those with conservation training or experience, or experience as a collections registrar. The position will handle conservation project registrations, document creations, documents organization, digital images organization, computer/physical filing, some scheduling, monitoring of projects’ approvals and deadlines; condition survey information management; and some client relations. The manager will proof-read conservators’ draft writings and will prepare treatment proposals, treatment reports, news reports and other documents including qualifications statements, bid compilations and communications documents from information provided by the conservators. Minimum qualifications for the position include: ability to write clearly, compellingly and in effectively organized ways with perfect English grammar; the capability of creating complexly formatted, sometimes lengthy Microsoft Word documents with sophisticated and visually clear hierarchical structuring of content and headings; capabilities in creating simple graphics and incorporating graphics and digital images into documents with exceptional visual appeal; experience in information management and full capability with Microsoft Excel; basic acquaintance with database structuring; knowledge of the history of art, art materials and art techniques; basic familiarity with the ethics, technical terminology, materials and procedures used in the conservation of sculpture, paintings, and art or documents on paper; excellent facility with computers, printers and other peripheral machines.
The successful candidate shall hold an undergraduate or graduate degree in conservation, art history, other humanities, technical or scientific fields. Also desired but not required is experience and capability with Microsoft Access relational databases and, additionally, capabilities in MS Access relational database development through Visual Basic programming. Applicants with additional capabilities in the graphic and document applications of Adobe Creative Suite will be considered favorably. Applications should include a letter of interest and curriculum vitae. Applications will be accepted only in hard copy sent to President, McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc., 10915 Pyle-South Amherst Rd., Oberlin, OH 44074. Questions only may be emailed to
The position will remain open until filled. Salary shall be competitively commensurate with experience and capabilities. Suitable applicants will be requested to submit examples of written documents (redacted as necessary) and interviewed via telephone. Finalist will be brought to the company for interviews and to provide the finalist applicants an opportunity to get familiar with the facilities, staff and the area. It is anticipated that the selection of candidates for the initial telephone interviews will be made by March 31, 2016. For information on the company visit McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.