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Call for papers: 'Conservation on Exhibition' symposium

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 10:50

"Conservation on Exhibition" - The 1st AICCM Exhibition Special Interest Group Symposium

The Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) Exhibitions Special Interest Group (ExSIG) will host its inaugural symposium in Melbourne at the National Gallery of Victoria in March 2014.

The program will feature 20-minute presentations, with each session followed by a Q and A. Several panel discussions and adjunct poster sessions are also planned.

As an inaugural conference on a familiar topic this is an opportunity to examine past present and future practices and trends in relation to the display and borrowing/lending of works of art. As exhibitions are the result of interdisciplinary collaboration, papers are also sought that explore the relationship of conservation activities with those of registrar, collection manager, artist, installer, designer and curator.

The AICCM Exhibitions SIG invites the submission of abstracts for papers (maximum 600 words) and power-point posters (400 words) on any of the following themes:

- Sustainability: economic, social, environmental

- Blockbusters, exhibition content

- Environmental parameters for display and loan including microclimates, current LED and post HVAC discussions

- Condition reporting methodology and legal rationale

- Off-gassing/acclimatisation

- Artwork preparation/treatment

- Packing / transport / couriering

- Exhibition management

- Open display: attachment and protection of artworks

- Display mechanisms and material selection/testing

- Contemporary installations

- Installation and de-installation

PowerPoint as the new poster: presentations of innovative techniques, new materials, equipment

Paper abstract deadline: 25 October 2013

PowerPoint abstract deadline: 20 November 2013

Please send abstracts to

Contributions must be in English and include full contact details of the author's affiliation, address, telephone and email.

For more information, please email