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2009 Call For Papers - Symposium on principles of conservation

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 - 09:46

The Royal Academy of Arts is organizing a two-day symposium following the publication in Summer 2009 of the book Conservation: Principles, Dilemmas and Uncomfortable Truths edited by Alison Richmond and Dr. Alison Bracker.

Call For Papers Symposium on principles of conservation
Conservation: Principles, dilemmas and uncomfortable truths
Royal Academy of Arts, London
September 24-25, 2009

Please send abstracts of no more than 500 words by 31 March 2009

The symposium seeks to re-examine conservation principles, theories, and taboos regarding art, artefacts, buildings, monuments and sites, human remains, natural history, the arts and antiquities markets, and cultural heritage institutions within the context of the changing global economic and environmental climate of the early 21st century. The purpose of the symposium is to bring up-to-date and diverse thinking to bear on such potential topics as:
- The artist's voice reconsidered
- Principles and the management of resources within a changing climate
- Conservation ethics, the art market, and/or the antiquities trade
- Conservation, sustainability, and climate change
- The tangible and the intangible
- Originating communities' rights and involvement reconsidered
- Conservation and open knowledge systems
- How can conservation negotiate spiritual value and significance?
- Conservation values and society

We invite abstracts for papers that cover these and other relevant themes from a variety of disciplines, periods, and approaches, as well as specific case studies. The dissemination of selected symposium contents is likely to be web-based. Please send abstracts of no more than 500 words by 31 March 2009 to:
Alison Richmond or Dr. Alison Bracker

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