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2002- 2008
High school diploma
Applied art in marble, hard stone and ceramic decoration (graduation grade: 75/100)
National Institute of Art - sez. stones & ceramic decoration, Venezia

Diploma in technical restoration of cultural heritage
(graduation grade: 92/100)
EQF level 5
Istituto Veneto per i Beni Culturali, Palazzo Grimani-Venezia (Italy)
During the three-year course of studies, I held theoretical and practical lessons concerning the restoration of wooden works and paintings on canvas.
The main topics covered were: chemistry and technology of materials, biodeterioration, history of art and restoration, theory and technique of restoration and conservation of wooden artifacts, paintings on wood and canvas, paper materials, cultural heritage legislation, photographic (light, Uv, Ir) and graphic documentation for mapping and intervention projects.
During the practical activity in the laboratory, I dealt with the execution of some restoration operations on works such as:
The Corte Nova sotoportego in Castello district ( Venice)
The wooden Repository and some paper maps of the Provincial Institute for Childhood S. Maria della Pietà (Venice).
The painted altarpiece depicting the 'Assunta (copy of the Assumption of Titian) owned by the Manifattura Tabacchi (Venice).
The painting on canvas Ponte dei Pugni preserved at the Correr Museum (Venice).
The burin engraving of Marco Pitteri depicting the Marriage, part of the cycle of 7 sacraments by Pietro Longhi, a cycle of incisions preserved at the Unesco site and national museum of Villa Pisani (Strà).

Wood Lab Work Experience Specialist -Venezia (Italy)
Training and employment in the field of restoration of wooden furnishings.

Course promoted by the Venetian Institute for Cultural Heritage of Venice concerning the deepening of the restoration of wooden artifacts and wooden furnishings. The course is theoretical and mainly practical linked to the carrying out of restoration operations on some valuable furniture preserved in the deposits of the UNESCO site of Villa Pisani in Strà (Venice).

“Restaurando” training course
Open Care- Servizi per l’arte, Venezia (Italy)
On the occasion of Homo Faber expo at Giorgio Cini Foundation, a series of meetings were held with the following topics:

Unstable works. The restoration of the contemporary - introduction to the problems and challenges of the restoration of the multi-material work. From acrylics to sicofoil.

Author's design. The restoration of models and prototypes. A new frontier.

Digital artisans. New technologies for conservation - by Factum Foundation Digital scanning as a tool for analysis and documentation.

Handing down. The restoration of ancient works - introduction to methods and practices for the programmed conservation and restoration of large masterpieces on display to the public. From restoration to scheduled maintenance.

Fragile textures. The restoration of ancient textiles - introduction to the conservative needs and techniques of restoration of textile artefacts (by the Gianfranco Ferrè Foundation)

Keepers of time. The restoration of antique clocks.
Works in motion. Move and set up the works ensuring the best conditions of conservation and safety. From the house to the museum.

Sultan of Sand Worldwide, Jesolo (Ve) (Italy)
Inside the International Sand Sculpture Festival (Jesolo)
Intern responsible for helping the sculptors with the preparation of sculpture workstation and subsequently helping them in their work.

BENOR Craftsman Mask Workshop, Venezia (Italy)
Benor is a renowned shop in Venice for the creation of typical Venetian papier- mâché masks, using ancient handwork techniques like the creation of clay models that serve as the basis for papier-mâché masks for the plaster molds.

Costantini Antonio Srl art conservator, Treviso (Italy)
Responsible for various tasks concerning the restoration and conservation of stone works, specifically in the restoration of the statues, including the statue of Giorgione located in the historic center of Castelfranco Veneto (TV) and the restoration of the interiors of a historic villa located in Asolo (Tv).

23/Nov/2018 Presentation
CESMAR7 - Supporto e Immagine, Mestre (Ve) (Italy)

Inside the international congress on restoration promoted by CERMAR7 with the theme: Consolidation and conservation issues in modern and contemporary painting supports, presentation of the poster extracted from the degree thesis entitled: "Case study: alignment and mending the cut of a contemporary painting on canvas. Application of the Heiber method".

Feb /2019 -April/2019 Internship
Enrica Vinante conservation, Trento (Italy)

I was assigned to the chemical or mechanical cleaning (preparation and use of solutions, emulsions,solvent gels, removing layers with bistoury and removing dust with soft brushes), structural interventions (bonding of detached parts, adhesion of lifted pictorial layers), stucco( preparing the stucco with animal glue, Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate and sometimes pigments) and retouching (with watercolours, varnish colors for conservation, tempera colors) processes of wooden frames restoration.

I am currently part of "C.H.I.E.F." (Cultural Heritage international Emergency Force) a specialized association accredited by Italian and international institutions that aim to safeguard cultural assets in emergency areas (in this case floods like the one that recently affected Venice) where we are about to start a "library safety project" in San Lazzaro degli Armeni in Venice.




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