Language Accessibility in INCCA Events

Posted on Tue, 04/09/2024 - 09:43

We would like to thank our ‘accessibility sponsors’: The Getty Conservation Institute and Leeum Museum of Art for helping to make our events more accessible. For the past four years thanks to the Getty Conservation Institute, we have been able to provide live captioning for our online Cafés and Talks and more recently we have been working on addressing the language barrier in our English-dominated events.   

We are delighted to announce that Leeum Museum of Art has generously agreed to support INCCA in providing live captioning and AI-generated translation in one additional language for our future events. We understand the importance of language accessibility in fostering connection and engagement in any community. Implementing these features helps our events to be more accessible to everyone, and supports INCCA’s strategic goal to continue to broaden the international community we serve.   

Live Captioning  

Live captioning is one of the key features we have introduced to enhance language accessibility. This feature provides real-time transcription of the speaker's words during our events. This is not only beneficial for participants who are hard of hearing or deaf but also for those whose first language is not English or those who simply prefer to read along.  

AI-Generated Translation  

In addition to live captions, we are also introducing AI-generated translation. This exciting feature will provide an immediate translation of the spoken words into another language. We have support for AI-generated translation for one language per event and this will be chosen depending on the event. This means that a wider group of participants who speak different languages can now engage in our events without language barriers. This is a major step towards ensuring that our events reach a truly international and cross-cultural community engaged in the conservation of contemporary art.    

These are just the first steps in our ongoing effort to make our events more accessible. We encourage our community members to provide their suggestions and feedback to help us improve further and look forward to welcoming you to our next event.