KETNATH, A. How to Conserve Motion, 1999

Posted on Thu, 10/09/2008 - 07:32

by Artur Ketnath


In addition to the three dimensions possessed by any object, kinetic objects have a fourth: motion. This poses a very special problem for their restoration. Motion, of course, does not remain in the object but vanishes when the mechanical system is switched off or defective. Improper handling or rashly performed restoration work may alter or distort the sequence of motions – it can be slowed down or accelerated, the time intervals can be changed. As a rule, such objects are documented through photographs. The sequence of their motions is rarely recorded.


This article was originally published in: Hummelen, IJ., Sillé, D., Modern Art: Who Cares?, Amsterdam: Foundation for the Conservation of Modern Art/ Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, 1999, p. 369-372.


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KETNATH, A. How to Conserve Motion