KENSCHE, S. Diploma thesis on conservation measures for a glass fibre reinforced polyester resin outdoor sculpture by Hermann Maier Neustadt, 2009

Posted on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 10:51

Susanne Kensche

specialised in conservation and restoration of painting and sculpture, Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Cologne






WD – spiral part one CINEMA, 2001 by Hermann Maier Neustadt

Examination and treatment proposal for a walk-in outdoor sculpure made of glass fibre reinforced polyester resin



outdoor sculpture, glass fibre reinforced polyester resin, Maier Neustadt, temporary outdoor exhibition



In this final thesis the possible conservation measures for the large-scale glass fibre reinforced polyester resin outdoor sculpture WD - spiral part one CINEMA (2001) by Hermann Maier Neustadt are examined. The work was initially made for a temporary outdoor exhibition and now has a fixed site in the sculpture garden of the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands. In order to preserve the work fully and safeguard its identity and function as walk-in sculpture research was set out with an interdisciplinary team of conservators, art historians, chemists and engineers specialized in different fields. An interview with the artist on intention, meaning and function of his work was part of decision making as well as the result of various test specimen, helping to find the ideal resinmixture that meets both the desired aesthetics as well as long lasting durability in the outdoor environment.



Prof. Hans Portsteffen and Drs. Sanneke Stigter






Through the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences