Italian publication on conserving contemporary art

Posted on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 13:22

Conservare L'Arte Contemporanea Problemi, Metodi, Materiali, Ricerche


Oscar Chiantore & Antonio Rava


Electa (Milano) 2006

324 pages, 190 illustrations ( € 39,00)

Language: Italian


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The translation of the book title is: "Conserving contemporary art. Problems, methods, materials, investigations".



The content is divided in the following chapters:

  • Restoring contemporary art (by Francesco Poli)
  • The aesthetics of contemporary
  • The new materials in contemporary art
  • The recognition of the problem
  • Methodological approach
  • The development of the international debate
  • Materials deterioration in contemporary artworks
  • The contemporary sculpture
  • Paintings on canvas
  • The cleaning problem
  • The pictorial reintegration
  • Varnish in modern and contemporary paintings
  • Conservation of installations
  • The conservation of the idea
  • Net art: conserving the informations (by V. Dell'Aquila, M. Ferronato, L.
  • Lampo, A. Mininno)
  • Maintenance and preventive conservation
  • Interviewing the artists
  • The scientific research
  • Contemporary artists and conservation problems: Rauschenberg, Klein, Rothko, Merz, Gastini, Cèsar, Tinguely, Gallizio, Kiefer, Boetti, Tàpies, Schifano, Newman, Gilardi, Carol Rama, Siqueiros.