Interim meeting ICOM-CC Working Group Paintings

Posted on Wed, 09/24/2008 - 12:37
Scientific Study, Conservation and Restoration 2 Day Interim meeting
May 31st - June 1st 2007
To be held at The British Museum, London
Preparation for painting: the artist’s choice and its consequences
Call for abstracts
This 2-day conference will focus on the preparatory layers and their influence on painted and drawn works of art. These layers are fundamental to the creative process, and to the perception of the work. They play a
crucial role in the treatment options available for the object.
We welcome papers on issues related to:
• Function and optical properties of preparatory layers
• Relationship between supports and preparatory layers
• Terminology
• Art technological source research related to preparatory layers
• Materials, techniques and division of labour
• Analysis of preparatory layers
• Preparation of less common supports
• Influence of preparatory layers on mechanical properties
• Deterioration
• Changes in appearance
• Structural implications
• Impact on conservation treatment decisions
We welcome submissions from curators, conservators and conservation scientists, from all working groups.
If you are interested in contributing a paper to the conference please submit an abstract of 500 words, by 30th September 2006 to:
Abstracts may be submitted in English, French or Spanish. It should include: title, author name(s), address, email, phone number, abstract text and no illustrations.
The abstract should be sent as an email attachment with a filename (first author’s name)_interim meeting. The abstract will be provided in the delegate pack. Postprints will be produced, in time for the 2008 triennial meeting. Papers will have to be submitted one month in advance of the conference, including illustrations, with permission agreed for publication.