Inter Media Art Institute

Posted on Wed, 09/10/2008 - 08:16

The foundation imai - inter media art institute (NRW- Forums, Kultur und Wissenschaft, Ehrenhof, Dusseldorf) is Germany’s first non-profit institution dedicated to support the distribution, preservation and research of video, film and media based arts. The institute conducts research in the field of conservation and presentation of Media Art, organizes exhibitions, screenings and symposia.



The website of imai provides an online catalogue comprising about 1.200 video art works up from the beginning of media art until today by more than 200 artists; among them Klaus von Bruch, Valie Export, Jochen Gerz, Gary Hill, Marcel Odenbach, Ulrike Rosenbach and Bill Seaman.



The online catalogue makes videoart accessible for research via downsized videostreams. The website also informs about current activities as well as the research projects of the inter media art institute. An English version of the website will be available soon. 


For further information, visit the website:  imai