INCCA Café with M+ Museum: Looking Forwards and Backward - 22 June 2022

Posted on Fri, 07/01/2022 - 12:25
Collage of M+ exhibition display

Opening a Large-Scale Cultural Institution during a Pandemic

It amazes even those who were there on the front line. Overcoming all odds, the staff of the M+ opened one of the most significant art museums to come online in recent memory amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These tasks would have been challenging in normal circumstances, but the additional restrictions on travelling, gathering, and working from home presented compromises that shaped the institution and, specifically, our conservation approaches to communication and knowledge production. This conversation reflected on how we overcame challenges preparing the complex artworks in our collection for our opening display. We faced it all, from limited physical access to objects as collections were consolidated from disparate locations worldwide to being forced into quarantine when we should have been working on site with the artists (they joined us by video feed). Setting up M+ museum became, indeed, a real challenge. 

This conversation with Alessandra Guarascio, Conservator of Installation Art, Jo-fan Huang, Senior Conservator and Marc Walton, Head of Conservation & Research at M+ explained the original aims for the M+ Museum and where we ended up, for the better. 

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