ICON Internship, Photographic Materials Conservation Supported by the Clare Hampson Fund

Posted on Fri, 05/25/2018 - 14:48
12 Month Internship Starting in July 2018
Location: The National Archives
Supervisor: Jacqueline Moon ACR
Educational Stipend: 17,000 pounds
Training Allowance: 500 pounds to support training with Susie Clark ACR
Funded by the Clare Hampson Fund, the internship will focus on the conservation of photographic materials as well as giving the intern the opportunity to develop their understanding of audience engagement.
The National Archives is the official archive and publisher for the UK Government and guardian of over 1,000 years of iconic national documents. We are hosting an internship in the conservation of photographs. The intern will research and implement conservation treatment on photographs and engage audiences in their work.
There are an estimated 8 million photographs at The National Archives, many integrated into tagged files and books. The collection is largely comprised of black and white silver gelatine photographs and subjects include Victorian and Edwardian life, British influence overseas, dockyard construction and cold war coastal surveys.
The placement will incorporate a range of tasks. The intern will undertake small scale surveys and condition assessments, undertake a scientific research project, implement conservation treatment, and creatively engage audiences through written, visual and spoken means. There is the potential to work on a small scale collaborative project with our partner organisation, the BFI National Archive.
The intern will be supervised by Jacqueline Moon ACR, a photograph conservator and the Senior Conservation Manager for Public and Academic Engagement in the Collection Care Department. She recently undertook a Master of Research in Heritage Science to better understand yellowing in silver gelatine photographs. The intern will work in our studio at Kew alongside conservators, conservation scientists and preventive conservators who care for paper and book structures, parchment and wax seals, textiles, photographs and film. We also have a loans and exhibitions team.
The applicant should have a Masters in the conservation of paper or photographs with a clear desire to understand, or existing experience in, the role that chemistry and physics have to play in our understanding of photographs. They will need to be highly motivated and keen to try out new ideas and concepts, with excellent manual dexterity and hand to eye coordination. Good written and verbal communication skills are essential with a willingness to write and present engaging material for different audiences.
Please apply using the application form on the Icon website only. https://icon.org.uk/what-is-conservation/internships
Closing date: 9am on 14th June 2018
Interviews will be held on 20th  June with start date of 23rd July 2018.