GRAY, S. Conservation and Performance Art: Building the Performance Art Data Structure (PADS), 2008

Posted on Wed, 10/08/2008 - 11:22
Still from interview with Richard Layzell

MA dissertation by Stephen Gray for Northumbria University's MA Preventive Conservation.
August 2008

Performance art, often seen as a transitory art form, in fact has long lasting interest for both artist and scholar. An innovative and cross discipline effort is required in order to conserve such artworks which do not have a single solid material manifestation. This study looks at other cultural sectors which face similar challenges and their efforts to meet those challenges, before focusing on the relationship between conservation and ephemeral forms of contemporary art. A unique data structuring tool is then presented and utilised to unite and then document the structure of Richard Layzell’s 1996 performance artwork, 'I Never Done Enough Weird Stuff'.

INCCA members have access via to transcripts of two interviews with Layzell as well as the XML score of the work 'I Never Done Enough Weird Stuff'.