GIEBELER, J. Diploma thesis on the documentation and reinstallation of interactive video installations, 2009

Posted on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 10:54

Julia Giebeler

specialised in conservation and restoration of painting and sculpture, Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Cologne






Interactive video installations - Documentation and reinstallation of the work „Exchange Fields“ by Bill Seaman



interactive video installations, media installations, documentation model, reinstallation,



The authentic preservation of interactive video installations and their appropriate reinstallation is difficult because of the basic conflict between the preservation of the material equipment and the preservation of the functionality of the installation. This conflict is discussed in the case study about the interactive video installation ‘Exchange Fields’ by Bill Seaman. Additionally, the changing role of the conservator of interactive media installations is discussed. Because of the high complexity of such installations, the conservator has to rely on specialists of media technology, information technology, etc. when he develops and realizes preservation concepts for interactive media installations. The documentation of interactive video installations demands the material record of the work, the record of the process character and the visitors’ reception and the additional record of interactivity. Therefore a concept of a documentation model for media installations is introduced here, which considers the additional aspects of interactivity by introducing a new module for recording interactivity.



Prof. Dr. Gunnar Heydenreich and Antje Janssen






Through the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences