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Posted on Mon, 09/08/2008 - 09:20

Interviews with new media artists and writers,

by Simon Mills (UK)


Between 1995 and 2004 the Frame: Online Journal of Culture & Technology published a broad range of work by an eclectic mix of writers and artists who were working with new media.



This was a significant period in the history of new media. Internet usage, especially the world wide web, was becoming widespread and many were creatively experimenting with and discussing the implications of utilising the emerging networks and technologies.



As a site of dissemination of some of that work, Frame remains a record of the creative engagements artists were making during that time.  Framed marks the closing of the journal and augments it as a record of this period by interviewing many of the artists and writers it published with regard to their practice, both past and present, and to enquire with them about the current state of new media art and writing.  


The project launches with the first 4 of over 20 interviews. Framed is supported by Arts Council England and Nottingham Trent University.


Posted: 13 October 2006 


website:  framejournal