Transformation Digital Art 2023

Posted on Mon, 02/20/2023 - 19:09
TDA 2023


LAB111, Amsterdam, NL

Date and time


International symposium on the preservation of digital art. 
16th & 17th March 2023 at LI-MA, Amsterdam

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Transformation Digital Art is LI-MA’s annual symposium for knowledge exchange and reflection on digital art conservation. On 16 &17 March, artists, institutions, scholars and students will present inspiring practices and strategies. The on-site symposium in Amsterdam also offers an excellent opportunity to (re-)connect with other professionals in the field.  

Digital artworks form an indispensable part of our cultural heritage. Digital art is an inherently variable artform due to technological developments and interactions with and interpretation by new generations resulting in constant innovation and transformation. During this international symposium, we discuss preservation challenges, share the latest insights and examine paradigm shifts related to preserving and documenting digital art.

The symposium's first day will be dedicated to documentation as a critical strategy for digital art conservation, including an exploration of documenting VR and AI. The second day focuses on collaborative care, managing and facilitating change in sharing knowledge and responsibilities in the digital art ecosystem.

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