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Nano-systems: research and applications on Cultural Heritage

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 09:00 to Friday, May 12, 2017 - 17:00 | Venaria Reale – Torino – Italy CCR Centro Conservazione e Restauro La VenariaReale
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Nanomaterials exhibit characteristics that are peculiar and different than those of bulk materials. This can result in enhanced chemical, electrical, magnetic and optical properties that are advantageous for numerous applications. The “Nanoscience revolution” has begun forty years ago. Its impact has grown to the point that the word “nanoscience” no longer refers to individual inventions, but instead it indicates the creation and development of entirely new technologies, thanks to the formulation of smart and functionalized materials that often exploit the ability of matter to self-assemble. Nowadays, it seems hard to imagine the world of conservation of cultural heritage without introducing the use of materials and products generated by nanoscience. The meeting organized by the European project Nanorestart, by the Center for the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage “La Venaria Reale”, and by IGIIC, aims to explore the world of nanosystems applied to the conservation of cultural heritage, creating a conference that focuses onthree essential sections:

  • Four practical workshops around the application methodologies and the use of some nanosystems
  • Lectures and presentations on the theoretical, research and implementation aspects of nanomaterials
  • A final debate on the validation protocols involved when a new material is proposed to the world of conservation